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  • 1 hour


Drawing and Painting activities take art fundamentals and apply them to a diverse range of super fun projects. Starting with the basics, children will get to develop brush, roller, hand painting, and pencil skills. These techniques translate to a wide variety of creative projects including cartooning, still life, figure drawing, landscape painting, mixed media, and more. Children are guided in their process and encouraged to try their best to turn their visions into reality. Developmental Activation: Curiosity, fine-motor skills, interdisciplinary learning Each DRAWING & PAINTING activity will include elements of the following: Introduction to art materials Children will be introduced to the various art materials they will be using in class, such as paintbrushes, paint, and paper. The instructor should demonstrate how to properly use and care for these materials. Exploring color Children will learn about the primary colors and how to mix them to create new colors. They will have the opportunity to experiment with mixing colors and creating their own color palettes. Drawing basics Children will learn the basic skills of drawing, including how to hold a pencil, how to make different types of lines, and how to create basic shapes. Painting techniques Children will learn how to mix paint and how to apply it to paper using different painting techniques, such as brushstrokes and layering. Landscapes Children will learn how to draw and paint landscapes, including trees, skies, and other natural elements. Portraits Children will learn how to draw and paint portraits, including how to capture the likeness of a person's face. Animal art Children will learn how to draw and paint animals, including how to capture their unique characteristics and movements.

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